Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still Under Effects of the Flu, Talli Guts Out Qualifying Run For State

We keep observing that our grandchildren are exceptional, and they keep doing things to warrant it.

This afternoon our high school sophomore granddaughter, Talli, qualified to run in the varsity State Cross Country meet a week from Saturday at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

But the remarkable thing about what she did was the fact that last Sunday she was still running quite a high fever that finally left on Monday and was feeling the staggering effects of the flu (who knows which variety) that continued through the race today.

So, without any training for almost a week, and weakened by the dreaded bugs going around, Talli still ran a 20:06 time for 5K, which was enough to qualify her for State. Her dad told us after the race that she was “disappointed” with her time. Yikes, girl, how much do you expect of yourself? Seriously, Talli almost always feels she “could have done better”. She’s just made that way.

Congratulations, Talli! You are something very special!

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