Friday, October 16, 2009

Outright Win For Talli Is Her First In X-C

Our granddaughter, Talli, won her first varsity Cross-Country event on Wednesday, taking first place in the 5,000-meter run in a dual meet at Tigard. She is just a high school sophomore, but this is her second year already of varsity competition.

Her winning time was 20:07, at that some 35 seconds off of her personal best this year. This course was a bit tougher, however, than the one on which she did her PR. Click here to read about her win in a news story currently running in the Newberg Graphic.

The pic above is from the race in which she set her personal record (Talli is at left), as I’ve so far not been able to get my hands on a photo of her win. If one does become available, I’ll try to post it.

Congratulations, Talli, on your first varsity win!!

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