Friday, October 02, 2009

Hayley Makes 2nd Chair Clarinet in Advanced Band

As grandparents we learned long ago never to underestimate our grandkids.

Hayley, daughter of Gregg and Elaine, 12 years of age and in 7th grade, has been playing the clarinet for just a little over a year. Yet she has already become among the best clarinet players in her school. Above photo of her was taken earlier this year.

Yesterday Hayley learned that that she has earned the second chair position in her Intermediate School’s Advanced Band.

What’s special about all this is that Advanced Band is usually reserved for 8th graders, but Hayley auditioned at the end of her 6th grade Beginning Band class last May and qualified by test to skip Intermediate Band altogether and go directly to Advanced Band this Fall, though in the 7th grade. Now, she is playing at the higher levels of Advanced Band.

She’s obviously really taken to the newer, higher quality instrument her dad found on eBay near the end of the summer. Having a good clarinet to play can not only be more fun, but the results are also showing by her performance.

Hayley is a remarkable young lady, as are all our grandkids, and we congratulate her on an excellent accomplishment. We’re very proud of her, and already we’re looking forward to her Christmas Band concert.

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