Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Few Days of R & R

Instead of fighting traffic on Seattle’s I-405 and I-90 in order to get to my part-time work gig in the Wallingford district, I am happily sitting at my desk and catching up on things on my laptop. 

I’m enjoying the American “vacation”. 

We had originally planned to take a driving trip to California at this time, but “busy-ness” and some “under-the-weather” conditions have changed that.  Instead, I’ll have the better part of a week to visualize, analyze and maybe even fantasize.

A week ago yesterday Kay Lynne and I enjoyed a wonderful introduction to time off when we visited the Training Camp of the Seattle Seahawks – all compliments of our son, Doug.  He set it all up, and all we had to do was get on the bus from the Landing (the shopping center where you park) to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton (VMAC) where the Camp is located.  It’s a great chance to see the rookies, veterans and hopefuls up close and watch the action as they train very seriously. 

The photo at top shows now veteran starting quarterback Russell Wilson let fly with a long, 60-yard pass during a warm-up drill.  Note the ball in the upper left.  And of course that’s beautiful Lake Washington in the background.  This has to be one of the finest practice facilities in all of professional football.

I’m not sure what all we’ll do in these days of “vacation” but hopefully we’ll catch up on things and maybe even get some rest.  Next week we might even take a short trip southward for a day or three.  One thing is for sure.  You can count on the fishing pole being in the back.


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