Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Goes On…

In a previous post I talked about the shock one goes through when one realizes that cancer has invaded the body.  Almost five months have passed since then, and with the completion of radiation treatments, life is looking more normal now.  It’ll take a couple of months before we’ll know exactly how successful the treatments were, but the doc has said we have good reason to be optimistic.

And, as the photo above shows, I’m even able to get out on the water in my pontoon boat to once again take up the aquatic search for piscatorial adversaries.  Life is returning to normalcy, and I am feeling just about as good as ever.
 A week ago today Kay Lynne and I watched soccer practice for our two youngest grandchildren, Nathan, almost 5, (#5 at left above) and Ally, just turned 2 (right above).  Watching your grandkids do anything is totally therapeutic and brings deep joy to us older folks.  Our other grandkids are in Europe for three-plus weeks, and granddaughter Aubrey, 11, decided she would take a plunge into the Mediterranean Sea on the Italian Riviera at the exact minute she was born on July 9 in Boise, Idaho.  The pic below shows her doing just that.  Gregg’s family is having the trip of a lifetime visiting most of the major European countries and following some of Gregg’s maternal grandfather’s war experiences, including visiting the concentration camp in Germany liberated by his unit.

The summer is shaping up to be interesting, fun and full of wonderful things to do with family and friends.  Life goes on…

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Ed Wall said...

Having said goodby to our Maine grandkids tonite I can relate to your life enjoying them.

The last story my oldest granddaughter told me tonite was music to my ears. Jeff has an opportunity to become the small groups pastor at a Sacramento area church, starting in the fall of 2014. There is work to do before that happens but it is an interesting possibility.

That would bring my grandkids back to California. Darlene and I would sure love that.

Maybe in August we can discuss grandkids more.