Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Time

Earlier tonight we enjoyed Christmas together with one son’s family who've been in Oregon for a week or so. We’ll look forward to a celebration with the other son’s family when they get back home to Oregon from California where they are enjoying the holidays.

Pictured is grandson NJ, looking dapper and a little "preppy" in a new outfit. He zoomed around our condo pushing his portable, interactive “gadget pack” that has music, toys and a phone – a Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa. The boy is a gadget-lover to be sure, and now he can “take them with him”. Click on the pic for a larger image; his eyes reveal the fun he's having.

Nothing like Christmas time with family for this grandpa who’s still full from dinner and grandma’s incredible home-made apple pie.


Kelly M said...

Oh boy, I'm not going to lie, he's a VERY cute baby! This also makes me excited for mom and dad and Christmas with our little one next year. What fun!

RK said...

Kelly (& Jonathan), you'll be having similar fun next year at this time! We, along with all your family and friends, are awaiting your blessed event with great anticipation!