Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Budding Photographer?

The photo above was taken yesterday by grandson NJ. It's his view of the family Christmas tree from his vantage point on my lap.

As I've mentioned before, he loves anything electronic, and our camera falls perfectly into that category. He watched Kay Lynne and I taking pictures and wanted to try it out himself. He's 15 months old. Not bad, I'd say. He may be a natural.

After the camera fun, he climbed back onto my lap to check out my computer case (which he's tightly holding under his arm in the pic at left). He was hoping there'd be something more of the "blinking lights and push button" variety in there. O, btw, he also gave Grandma his "cute" pose for the pic.

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Kelly M said...

That is an amazing photo! It's so well focused! He must be a genius!