Thursday, April 19, 2012

Talli Beats Five Boys and Wins 3,000 Women’s Run in Hillsborough

Our HS senior granddaughter, Talli, yesterday tied her own personal best in the varsity track 3,000-meter run and won the women’s race in just under 11 minutes in a dual meet with Century High School in Hillsborough, Oregon.  With the guys running with the gals (to reduce heats) Talli beat four of the nine Newberg guys in the race.

I’d say that’s mighty good!
She’s been working hard lately, and it is paying off for her.  The photo above shows her ahead of two boys and heading for the finish line.  Based on analysis of her time in this race, she may qualify to run in the fast heat at the Centennial Invitational a week from Saturday.  Go Talli!

As long as we’re on the subject of grandkids, it’s been a while since I’ve posted their photos…..

Above are their Easter photos taken a week ago Sunday.  That’s Talli, Aubrey and Hayley in the top pic and Ally and NJ in the bottom pic.  Are they special, or what?


Ed Wall said...

Welcome back!

2nd Best group of grandkids I have seen!

Close to 1st and way ahead of whoever is in 3rd!

Amrita said...

Greetings from India. Your grandkids are very cute