Saturday, November 07, 2009

Talli’s Finish in the State H.S. X-C Meet

Well, our high school sophomore granddaughter, Talli, has accomplished something in our family that I don’t believe anyone else has. She competed in a State meet and performed very well.

The sport happened to be Cross-Country, and the meet was held this afternoon at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. Talli’s time was 20:25, a fine accomplishment for a STATE meet that was held on a cold, windy and wet day. She was just two seconds behind her friend and teammate, Emily, a senior.

Excellent run, Talli. You’ve had a remarkable season!

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Kelly M said...

Oh that looks cold! I'm glad you were there though. Hey, I saw this today and thought of you:
Looks like you moved to the eastside of the Sound just in time.